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Index Of Jpg Nubiles Inspired By User "Allah's Servant": Who Really Killed Hussain?

Inspired by User "Allah's Servant": Who Really killed Hussain? - index of jpg nubiles ...

Here, he said that the dead were Shiite Hussain as the Shiite town of Kufa, and has been given. Were they Shia? Here you can know:

The faith of the people of Kufa

Imam of the Sunnah Allamah Shibli Numan Ahl'ul States Hadhrath Omar Farouk, founded the city of Kufa:

"The city was founded in 17Ah and, as Omar had enough houses specially ordered to forty thousand were built. The Arab tribes were housed in separate rooms under the supervision of Hayaj ibn Malik. Omar had given clear instructions on the map and the construction ... The Jami Masjid was built on an elevated platform Plaza and was so large that forty thousand people could prayabout the same time. " ...

"In addition to the built separately Jami Mosque, Mosques, for each district. Among those who settled in Kufa twelve thousand and eight miles from Yemen Nazar clan. Bahilah, Nim Lat UL Taghlab, Bani Asad, Nakh, Kindah, Azd, Mazainah, Tamim , mukasaba, El-Assad and Amirm Bajalah and Jadilah Akhlat, Juhaina, Muhjaz, Hawazin, etc ".

"He took the life of Omar in the city of such splendor and glory, that the boss as the Caliph of Islam." ...

Kufa is a city that was founded by the second caliph, who colonized the Arab tribes. No doubt they were loyal to him. He believes he is the legitimate caliph, when MUCH Kufa to Umar as the head of Islam. He therefore accepted the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman. Omar is a building of Jami Masjid were housing 40,000 followers and many other mosques also shows that the majority of the population were followers Nawasib or want to show that the Caliph was a Shiite mosque 40,000?

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