Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coastal House Plans Am Looking To Buy A Sailboat, For Mainly Coastal Cruising But With Some Offshore Passages Planned In The Futur?

Am looking to buy a sailboat, for mainly coastal cruising but with some offshore passages planned in the futur? - coastal house plans

general criteria are:

40-50 feet in length, price range of U.S. $ 200,000 to 300,000
Fiberglass or wood
Classic Lines
a very fast boat, Windward
simple operation, while shorthanded
very safe in bad weather
strong driving force behind the good boat speed, even in troubled waters
then life on board very long periods of time is
prefer the aft cabin
open to a pilot house
new or used
2 double cabins would be good to head
but not essential
I saw some boats are Iceland packet Halsberg Rassey, Rustler, Hinckeley, Tartan


firefly said...

Mason bought 1994 44 yards in 2003 and saw exactly the same boat as you, but also had sought and Valiant Crealock. I had not heard of a bricklayer, until he saw and immediately fell in.
I agree to help with the previous speaker is better than new. New features all the headaches so old, but much more expensive.
We are very pleased with our decision. Ta Shing Mason was built in Taiwan and has threatened a virtual forest to agree with many comments.
The price is in their range.
The speed is not as fast as the tartan, but we are satisfied with the outcome.
Very easy to use one hand. My husband and I practice often.
The engine is 55 HP Yanmar, which is sufficient for the raw water.
The head is just a separate shower.
This is the aft cabin - it was one of the "Most" as well.
Very comfy down. This is our home.
Not one witness house.
2 double cabins, but only one head.
Full keel, which is essential to go against the wind, all maritime operations. She draws 6'6"But this is for us working in the Chesapeake Bay.
Mason is really a sea worthy boat. I would not be satisfied with less weight.
We have a wonderful broker named Tom Cooper, who works in Seattle, Seacraft Yacht Sales ( He is honest and discreet, and find the perfect boat.

Sharlene C said...

More than 41 of the 37 CATALAC Prout

lugeman said...

This price range should I buy a lot of boats. This is 1 40-50 feet boat will handle a lot of boat w / crew. Not more than new boat can be taken to consider w / or immediate repayment. IP-design dinghies are stable, but wide open is a little slow, but the boat can then usually a larger pictures (may the owner, you can) from the terminal. The same HR. Hinckley tender are faster, but also in a rough sea conditions. Look at the Pacific Seacraft, Morgan, or Cabo Rico. Hope this helps.


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