Friday, January 29, 2010

Liability Insurance Market Stall Am I Covered On My Liability Insurance?

Am I covered on my liability insurance? - liability insurance market stall

I have liability insurance as a market operator, but since I am doing a charity event in the Council, I have my own liability insurance. Can anyone tell me if I separate insurance for the event or in a position to cover liability, I must use?


mbrcatz said...

Yes, the officer who wrote his "public office" policy would be able to tell you.

Most frequently, when a political affairs of general liability, the situation in the declarations page or opinions described GL page. Quite possibly, the position of the charity in an event the Council does not describe the operations, it should at least on the need to "support" of policy to the situation because of charity and insert / / operation, reporting under this policy.

MARK S said...

Call the person who wrote the policy, and whether the policy, which he wrote that exposure. You can create a policy for special events where the Council.

raysor said...

Probably not, you know what insurance companies are similar. However, in order to clarify that with your insurance company may receive a written confirmation.

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