Saturday, January 16, 2010

Used Trumpets Where Can I Sell My Used Trumpet?

Where can I sell my used trumpet? - used trumpets

I have a trumpet, which was elected for 3 years and is in good condition. Is a Getzen. I'm not going on eBay, but never the game and I like to sell.


Matte said...

Your best bet is Craigslist. The prices are much liked on Ebay, and still the possibility that you do not get what you do not want, or to pay eBay fees and will not sell at all. Craigslist serves ads in newspapers, unless it is free. Enter a description, photos, if you wish, set your price and be sold or not. The only thing you risk is the time it takes to write the ad.

Lisa M said...

put an ad in the newspaper or call the Head of the School of Music in your area and ask if anyone is looking for one or if you are in the band hall.

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