Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reflux In Babies More Condition_symptoms Uk For Parents Of Reflux Babies That Take Zantac?

For parents of reflux babies that take zantac? - reflux in babies more condition_symptoms uk

My child is 3 months and Zantac for his reflux. It is to be a return of silence "fun". The zantac seems to help, did not work but lately very demanding and the drug as well. My doctor told me that the medicine to your weight should be tailored and I think that is our problem. Who knows what dose, a baby to 12 pounds is it? Currently, 1ml. Thank you in advance.


Jennifer B said...

My daughter and our doctor was also increased from .5 mils ... I'm not saying this is what to do and am in no way seek medical attention. I only say what my docotr

maria s said...

Is your baby breast milk or formula? I am also concerned that at my age 1 months premature baby has acid reflux. But my DCs is normal, because they are more developed interior. One of the best things I've done to help is to see my diet since your breastfeeding. I Avoid chocolate, caffeine, spicy foods, foods high in vitamin C and concentrated wheat. All the things love, but a small sacrifice is worth it, rather than relying on medication. If your baby is in the formula to keep their heads in the feeding and wait 20-30 minutes before birth and burping every 2-3 ounces of milk can help.

Scarlett Hussein, Dirty Liberal said...

Every baby is different. Talk to your doctor and see how they are ready for your dose. My nephew was 3 months doubled recently, from his pediatrician, and said he is expected to rise again as soon as it hits the 6 months.

valentin... said...

My daughter had reflux child Gaviscon but ultimately better than Zantac. Envelopes come in powder, easier to add to the bottle or diluted with a spoon in a little water. But I would not say or ask advice from anyone except a doctor about the dosage of Zantac Foundation are wrong. My daughter is now 13 months and was associated with celiac disease and lactose intolerance is diagnosed, so that's why we couldnt keep raw milk and had constant diarrhea for 6 months, so attentive to any signs of "especially as it develops.

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