Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will Drinking A Dark Wine Cause Your Stool To Be Dark Can Drinking Red Wine Cause Black/dark Stool?

Can drinking red wine cause black/dark stool? - will drinking a dark wine cause your stool to be dark

My chair has recently been very black and / or charcoal color. All that has changed in my diet, I drank red wine.


F Troop said...

Yes, because it contains iron, as well as Guinness. dark stools may also be a sign of internal bleeding

charlie said...

If I like a lot of my black licorice so we will

Trucky said...

Yeap, he says.
But why look into the swamp, came on the first thing out of his hole with joy?

marie m said...

Yes, but I think I should talk to a doctor in any case a change in bowel habits should be monitored.

andy g said...

It reaches you with your car
Red wine is certainly not true
Take a pinch and cut them, and you will see a change in a few days.
Remember, moderation is the name of the game.

missbugg... said...

This could be a possibility, but should the medical causes of red wine from your diet for a while elliminate and see if the stools are back to normal color. If you do not talk to your doctor as soon as possible. I hope that helped!

Daniel F said...

Yes you can, that's enough - if not change the color to see a doctor because they can indicate color bleeding.

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