Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sonar Tires I'm Confussed Please Help!?

I'm confussed please help!? - sonar tires

Two weeks ago I got sick, had stomach pains and went to the doctor and he thought it was appendicitis or an ectopic pregnancy. I felt tired all the time and nausea and I feel as fast as possible during the meal. He sent me to a gynecologist, the gynecologist will be tested auget pregnancy and put me on the right machine, and saw nothing unusual in my stomach. I feel much better, but I'm worried because every time I eat I feel sick and tired, and I have back pain, do not eat too much, as it did because I have more eppetite. , Not even his ulcer, but I do not know what it is. The guys in my position than ever before, and you can imagine? I use Minerva pill for 2 years and I think you could have an effect? Please help! What is wrong with me, if not the doctors found a problem.

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lee ann said...

k, stomach cramps ..
Pain in the right upper quadrant ...
, Ur stomach cramps, it hurts, the more I eat, Ku? u and not feel a burning sensation = ulcer, gastric ulcer, perhaps, that is so different frm duodenal ulcer.
In addition, realize that they are the other changes? ur chair? ur urine? has changed the color? Dr. Herz could have excluded this possibility when a test for you, but this liver disease =
Then estrena u? do u have lost weight and appetite? do u have feelings of bloating? = Problem of colon cancer
Gall = do u have fever?
How old are u? contributes to the reduction of lower

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