Friday, January 8, 2010

Sales Opps Where Would You Go: Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, Kentucky, Or New York? Why?

Where would you go: Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, Kentucky, or New York? Why? - sales opps

I have to request a PPO by my employer a transfer to one of these states.

That's what I know.
Function Oregon: Portland could. Great scenery, clean air and water, probably the best quality of life of the five sites, decent people in the vicinity of Seattle, no sales tax

Texas: San Antonio, currently has 1 selection. Hill Country, very clean, no income tax, the people won, one of the most beautiful women I wanted, close to ATX!

Kentucky: Louisville would go. The cost of living is cheap, crime is low. I have never been treated very well in KY, just w / bad attitudes and rude. I guess when I heard country music all day, had dirt roads and a sh * tty economy would be very sad.

Tennessee: Nashville is a great city! Good condition, fine lines, large recreational Opps, friendly people. Closer to my home.

New York, Manhattan. Like humans, the pace fast, and can not "attitude. It is your own universe! But the cost of living ... Whoa!

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