Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Uses Of Frankincense What Can I Use In Place Of Frankincense And Myrrh For A Kids Sunday School Lesson?

What can i use in place of frankincense and myrrh for a kids Sunday school lesson? - uses of frankincense

Both terms refer to "an aromatic gum resin."

"Incense," "frankincense tree Boswellia carterii, India, Arabia and Somalia, and beyond, the fragrant smell of rubber (NIDNTT) is still available today and should not have a big problem, but probably correspond to any incense to the idea .

Mirra, "the gum that comes from Commiphora myrrh that grows in Somalia, Ethiopia and Arabia, and from the trunk and branches to give a pleasant fragrance." (NIDNTT) has estimated a special plant extract for its pleasant fragrance.

... Linking the idea to try a stick of incense, and / or some kind of herbs. Both were used as "perfume" or the smell of decaying bodies, or other unpleasant odors mask.

... You might try a bottle of aromatherapy oil. "It is actually very similar to the old practices of these 2 substances.

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katerbec... said...

You can smell buy essential oils in a grocery store. However, if the lesson tomorrow, no time for it.

They have luxury boxes, jewelry boxes, nothing shiny or embellished in any way? Or gift boxes with everything, just within the arches wrapped with luxuriously decorated. Children are always fascinated by a beautifully wrapped package. Go to a church, used the incense in a censer? This could be a useful addition, and the scent is very pleasant.

Good luck!

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