Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bulma Time Machine Doujinshi How Does Cell Go Back In Time - DBZ?

How does Cell go back in time - DBZ? - bulma time machine doujinshi

Building in Dragonball Z, Trunks and Bulma future to a time machine for him in the past to give Goku the antidote to the virus from their hearts and learn to beat the 17, and 18.

If only 1 machine is built, as the cell back in time?

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Magician... said...

There are a variety of theories about how time flies effectively.

DBZ seems to work, who has explained very well in an episode of Star Trek was: The Next Generation. Basically, if a person has a decision to make, or how insignificant, actually occur, all decisions in various dimensions, a fractured chronology and the resulting not only in assembly, but a schedule more like a woman who looks like tree with innumerable branches . Just do not run any other hapenning. This hypothesis is the fact that if Trunks is the second time supported only 17 and 18 were not activated (as had already been changed) the flow of time for the Z-fighters, but no time had not changed. There is another possible explanation for how this might work, but not really fit the cell.

Cell, but said it was a scenario in which 18 and 17 were destroyed before they are activated. This means that no time line, we see from the newspaper or future timetable, but a third timeline. In the third sequence, there was no reason to Bulma to build the time machine that Trunks and his time machine and no return on this calendar, but her appearance. How it works well, had according to a precise control over the length of the machine, it is possible that if the future went back trunks at a time (in the case of the cell, probably the first time since Trunks is still relatively low) was increased to all time, which is copied from the point in the timeline by jumping too Fighters Z.

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