Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean Syphilis Pictures What Are These Lesions On My Genitals?

What are these lesions on my genitals? - clean syphilis pictures

I do not want to look a bit weird or anything, but ...

Started a few months of my private sector had to really itch, and I mean really angry. After several injuries began to appear in the lower vaginal wall. These "hits" meat like the colors and it looked like a normal corn. A few days later began to appear around the dam and the "bumps" began to grow. It was a small, oval or diamond together (imagine a very small group of ovals glued together and grow). Some have risen to a line and I realized that I grew up in a line on my clitoris. Not to hurt and itch, only the area around them, but do not sting as bad as before. I do not know whether they are due WartsAs the area of "skin" has every "hit increases" has begun to develop a lead. Oh, and I also have a download that I had before this incident. I had unprotected sex, and he told me he is clean and shows no signs of illness I have.

I have no insurance and so I went up to a free clinic review. I tested negative for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and a few things I can not remember (sorry). But the hospital told me to go see another doctor and undergo a Pap test if I want to know what happens. They gave me a list of other clinics free to leave rather than wait three weeks until my results, I wondered if someone could say that this infection is?

I thought it might be against HPV, but are the "warts" or "bumps" that I have, small, grouped, and include a tip. I can not really online photos, and HPV infection and that made me shudder ...

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