Monday, February 8, 2010

Plasma Tv Prices After The Super Bowl 2010 Wholesale Prices On TV's And Which TV To Get LCD Or Plasma?

Wholesale Prices on TV's and which TV to Get LCD or Plasma? - plasma tv prices after the super bowl 2010

Hey guys, My friend and I are trying to get a new TV. We have access to connect to a cost plus 10% from a friend of my uncle. He (a deductible of electronic banking has not "hot") objects. I'm trying to see what they can afford them (the marriage is not far), and we want a mixture. Both games (X-Box 360) and HD 1080 is clear, but it can with what we want to break LCD or plasma. LCDs have upgraded high-speed video games, but plasma is not far behind either.
I looked at Best Buy and ask the price there, what brand on television, I see that our willingness buget $. Rather than hope for a great brand and drooling over what you have to be not possible. Help please? Thanks


2Negativ... said...

I recently completed a 32-inch LCD screen, and it's great. The only real difference between plasma and LCD is the latest in lamp life. Plasma lamps last 20,000 to 60,000 hours. LCD monitors 60,000 hours.

Prices for LCD and plasma screens are quickly dropped. I've seen from Samsung and Sharp 42 inch LCD $ 1000 - $ 1300th Sony's usually a little higher at around $ 1500. This, 720p in all.

I saw over the past BestBuy 1080p LCD for $ 1800 and was a 42inch. 1080P is great if you find something that plays on a stop sign, but I decided we have to wait until the price dropped 1080P Abit. 720P looks great and the cost to go to 1080p is not worth it, in my opinion.

I just checked with the TV brand (Sharp, Samsung, Sony, HP and Toshiba). You can find cheaper LCD TV in May, but not that they are good.

intimada... said...

I believe that given the plasma services like after 5-10 years Hafta, something with plasma, you might want to check. I am extrememly happy with a 42 "LCD HDTV, use the S-video cable to the DVD player for high definition television.

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