Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eagle Scooter Stuff What Did You Get At The Black Friday Sales?

What did you get at the black friday sales? - eagle scooter stuff

I do not believe in an urban area to live, so the haste is not so bad. We go to a Super Wal-Mart 20 minutes from where the love of a city in 3500th It was pretty close and I was depressed a little, but no fighting, pushing, pushing to go or even trampling there.The Mart to 45 minutes on a greater targeted city, Circuit City, shopping malls, Hastings, K Still - a great field of contempt for the kind of place. I went with my mom and have things for my sister, brother, etc. I have a digital camera for $ 69, $ 2 DVD, $ 6 DVDs DVDs $ 9, $ 29 2GB Philips MP3, 2 SD 2 GB for $ 7, $ 140 Zune 8 GB () no sale, $ 5 The Sims 2 Deluxe, Wireless Mouse $ 5, $ 10, two Nintendo DS games, Fly Pentop Computer $ 29, $ 10 FM radio stations, 50% Aeropstale Bogo On Eagle Lot's Fleece Pajama Pants $ 4, $ 4 vegetable chopper, blender, and the Mini-CPot of Rock, 6 million CD, Razor Scooter $ 22, many toys and things for really cheap prices, and only about trifles. They are just above my head and so far I think we've pretty well, but we have a better year before last. I also saw a 6th Gen Apple iPod 80GB for 149 $. : D
I had fun. And you?

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~♥ Justin Bieber fan!♥~Taren said...

I do pay the night outside a Wal-Mart!
I have my 56inch HDTV for $ 499, my Wii for $ 138, my PS3 80GB for $ 299, a pink PSP for $ 120 and have about 58 games for the PSP, Wii and PS3 cost $ 298 for my mother all my games is .
The fact that we went as a goal, iPod a karaoke machine for $ 38 (regular price $ 400, the size of a real karaoke machine) have, I have some accessories for the iPod and Zune.
We went into the electronics business, which was filled with people and had a SOLID GOLD Mac Book only $ 597, is my mother, the third to the last one for me!
This means: ...

From there we went to Best Buy and my mother, my brother, that God is a new iPod, HDTV 30INCH, some PS3 games and a Toshiba laptop!

I'm Watchingrything I wanted, and soo much more and can not wait until Christmas!

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