Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exotic Eye Lift Eyelid Lift For Exotic, Slanted Eyes?

Eyelid lift for Exotic, Slanted Eyes? - exotic eye lift

What do you think? A friend is to have done and am very confident in your doctor.
Should specify how high your eyes slanted?
Please! No negative comments. Only good suggestions.


shopahol... said...

I love how Nicole Kidman looks right now. I do not know if it has an increase of the eyelids, but it surely has some kind of lift, and now his eyes are even more mysterious.

THY_@$... said...

uh, I should not ... It looks so bad ... It is my personal opinion, but believe whatv that your friend ...

Midzbaby G said...

My mother has done, and it took a lot of pain later. It looked pretty fake and fear about 2 years and then suddenly it began to be seen only natural, was a part in boxes and now is better

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