Sunday, February 14, 2010

Points And Foreign License Consequence Of Changing From A Regular Sr-22 To A Sr-22 For A Foreign Driver?

Consequence of changing from a regular sr-22 to a sr-22 for a foreign driver? - points and foreign license

So I have to SR22, but I have 2 points on my now. I have a friend who is an insurance broker, and mentioned that I was not born here, but I am a resident director of legal and insurance deposits abroad, because I deleted some $ 120 per month. Who knows what could happen if I do it for him? What can be the result? and also how long it takes for driving with a suspended license for a clear penalty

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thaphill... said...

I am an insurance agent.

The SR-22 is not that high insurance premiums. The SR-22 is only one way to clear before the court that you seem to have insurance cover. The insurance will be invited to an SR-24 with the court if it has ceased to provide insurance transactions.

The reason insurance is expensive because you have in the past of mismanagement, bad, says the report, and risk characteristics of evil.

What is your friend tells you it will not work because the SR-22, the request from the insurance company from their license number on them, not so the judges can tell if you have insurance. Worse still, if you leave the behavior of the SR-22 to the court the first time for the SR-22 again necessary.

I want to take me to the DMV and get a copyReports that his vehicle to buy a lot of insurance companies. Not admit something that is not on your VCR. Make sure that new strategies and new RS-22 is in force before canceling your old policy. If you have bad credit, a seller of the insurance company does not require a credit check!

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