Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tickling Blog Spot Can Shy Guys Use Girls For Attention?

Can shy guys use girls for attention? - tickling blog spot

It has been my friend years ago ... We were deeply for each other a year ago, but somehow missed the love ... 2 months ago I heard he was in love with this girl and worked - it was locked. When I discovered I speak the truth and W. everthing how much I love you ... I ignored him and returned. Recently, we have spent much time lately and has never committed to move a "serious", but flirts * * tickles and massages, if they can, when we are alone, and strokes ... initmate very sexual at all ... They never tried to kiss me ... (there were too many possibilities) is a shy guy ... and I know he would not any girl ... W. asked me to go home (), the family, exit W. boy whom he and his friends, the seaIng movie nights together ...

I noticed on your page, which is still bitter about the other girls. That's good, but I'm not the girl who flirts W. For more of her. Its stupid, I know, but the "side", says a note that "children are a few tips: Do not go, a girl who has no time for you .... it is a disease ... or check out his blog: "for the girl he thought was not good enough ..."
Are you still in love with her or is in motion? Because it is as if he were interested in me again - please tell me the truth? Are you interested in me or the girl he has done wrong, you interested?


cfiziksh said...

Probably still interested in you, but you do not know how I take the next step. Perhaps the next steps might make, or create a situation that is easy for him to do the next step.

Shooting Starr said...

UR uncomfortable when I tell you, if we can give it up, let him for his life, because with him as a friend until he says something else

the boss said...

Look, say ur, that it has to do things with you, he never gurl with another (such as the introduction of his family carried out), so do not worry.
But if you still think the HES gurl think that can be honest with him, but in a good way to say, it may not be in 2 Gurls connected simultaneously or explain something, then why you wrote about it.
In short, he wants to u coz hes LOT can treat these and the other, n b HES nor bad gurl thats why she wrote Sumthin ABT.

gg1 said...

The rejection is hard for anyone to overcome. Allow for ventilation and for him to be there. Nothing to regret what you do and do not feel used. What happens when someone who treats him well, and we hope that you will become fixed. Been there, done that.

braindea... said...

He likes you probably would like that you make the first move to see if you really love to hurt him again. So, if I were you, I do the first step. Oh, and by your side .... Perhaps he has not updated in time or do not have feelings for her Ex

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