Friday, February 12, 2010

Effects Of Wearing A Tight Retainer Sports Bra?... Do You Think It Ok To Wear Tight Sports Bra All The Time During Day?

Sports Bra?... Do you think it ok to wear tight sports bra all the time during day? - effects of wearing a tight retainer

PS I ususally 36B, but the sportswear, which I bought was 34 B ... it is not very close, but close somewhwat. Tight sports bra, because I run into treadmil I do not want my mother to be'm Shaggy. The final use side effects tight bra?


Heaven M said...

do not, you can do one of two things.
1: The Fallen ago.
2: Press and deformed.
Please enter only with a normal bra.

Kelsey! said...

Yes, you can your breasts sag and is extremely aggravating!

greeniTi... said...

I think it is right and whatever feels better

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