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Cluster Headache Wearing Sign Cluster Headaches?

Cluster headaches? - cluster headache wearing sign

My son has just started a cycle of cluster headaches. As well as avoiding alcohol and caffeine is not that the course can reduce these headaches every day? They usually last one or two months, with 3-4 attacks per day. Has anyone noticed that the doctors are familiar with this type of headache and offer help? The painkillers are not as effective as if absorbed through the use of an attack anyway. Anyone with any experience can give them useful tips? It is difficult to see someone with so much pain and I feel so helpless.


Jack said...

My condolences. I have had. If there is any consolation, it seems, is a time and then distribute them rid of them. I had some time (few years maybe, I do not know) when I was in my twenties and thirties lates, but it was 30 years ago, and when I walk through them, I have never stopped the pain his head again.

But it will not immediately help. I know. Mine were murderers. One tactic is to continue to test and try to provoke you (hopefully) find the. Alcohol and caffeine, tobacco and snuff, too much. But this could be something as innocuous as a dairy product (cheese is known) or one of the nuts. So, try, tea, cola, peanut butter and absolutely everything you can (imagine one by one, cut, that is). We hope you find it to find the culprit. In other words, treat them like an allergy.

You're right, doctors (and not just the doctors - and I was a neurosurgeon and nothing except for scans and X-rays) are not required, and most drugs is, but again this is TESTng options. But Take It Easy, aspirin left me with permanent ringing in the ears. One thing that helped at times, in my case Stemetil - injections were faster than tablets - so you might check with your doctor.

The best help I found was the pressure - friction, pressure Regular physical. You need your child in this work, because sometimes the pain is so bad he can not be too much pressure. But if you work, learn much and where. In this sense, it seems easier to make my own printing, but without doubt it is better if someone else does.

There are three places. First and best for me, that was it. Place the palm of one hand on the back of the head. On the other hand, the membership of the thumbs and forefingers together, fingerprints, fingerprints, then the fingers tend to separate it a sort of V. Putting the V in the bridge of the nose, right between the eyes. Now apply pressure with both hands easily, in other words, pressFront and back of the head. Start slowly, slowly increase the pressure and basically, you can continue more and more until it hurts to squeeze. In fact, one can make a lot of pressure, but easy to go and see how he feels. Try to get the correct pressure and keep it (for some time about 30 seconds), then what is important to relax very slowly to the pressure. Take up only 30 seconds to loosen, if you can. Repeat if necessary. But it was like a miracle for me. For the first time, and the pain was gone. I could not believe it.

The second pressure point. If you are on the side of his face felt a little beyond the eye (right eye), about an inch or so beyond the outer corners of her eyes and over the crest of the bone, the edge of the orbit of the eye, I'll take a flat section. In other words, it is likely the temple. Down here. So basically you're squeezing the temple to another. To do this, I found the best part of the index of the joints between the first and second, but the support of the index finger isby the thumb joint. So you're kind of conditioning index of the tip of the thumb. (I hope you can follow these descriptions. 'Re probably not be too bright, but I hope, clear enough.) Enter the same before and Run. Slow to build, just slowly.

The third I found is similar to the second, when the sides of the head, just press on the ears. In fact, if you do not own the nails of the thumbs touching the tip top ears.

It is a form of acupressure.

Lastly, read everything I can. Start by reading about migraines. Debates popular. Homeopathy. Books Medical Technicians are also very good. What you can find. Even if you pick up useful not understand all the medical supplies, generally something. The more you know, the better we can fight. I learned a lot when I started to read on the sinuses, for example.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you want.

hayhay said...

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