Monday, November 9, 2009

J. H. Wyma Wireimage What To Look For When Buying A H/J Horse?

What to look for when buying a H/J horse? - j. h. wyma wireimage

What are some quatlites should be looking for a horse / HJI for my classes, tours and shows how to use? And I'm 5'2 what should my horse?

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moodymar... said...

Conformation and temperament are very important. Make sure that the link with him, so if one of them, because the kinds of jumps require much teamwork. Be sure to test bombs and check your history. Find your line when you know they give you an idea of their future potential. To see him jump and make sure that the jump scales arc () and put her legs in nursing. Note also that you have the support and the bit that is too high or too lazy to reach? Too sensitive or not sensitive enough? The horse must have a good quantity of bones in the legs, but also sporty. ) In short (not too long in the back of the saddle to the comfortable ride and bridges usually offer better and stronger and contribute to further progress. The shoulders should be long and sloping, with relatively high cross to secure the presidency. Make sure the horses are shown not just beards and finger or smaller. A muscular "back end" is useful, but preferable feasible, long, smooth muscles in the hindquarters. What's neckEDS is too long and slightly arched, his head well established and a clean place in throatlash. Jumpers tend to be a more curved crest road riding horses for fun, but do not bend and arms, as they say, a dressage horse. Make sure your feet are fit and strong, no chips / abscess.
Well, it's hard to take and I'm sure you already know much about him, but it is really a good idea, a teacher with you. Just look for a good look at all those who are in proportion with no abnormality. (Always check if the helmet!)
I'm a bit bigger than you and my horse jumped only15hh. I love it because we do not compete in the categories of horses depending on the rules, and it is much faster than the horses in the 17hh because Jumpoff attracts like a top! I know the rules (not in the United States?) But what I Somone further guidance on this issue. But remember, the bigger is not always better!
Hope this helps and good luck:)

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