Friday, November 27, 2009

My Flash Memory Great Card, Reliable Too How Much Video Can A Flash Memory Card Hold When Using It With A Flash Memory Camcorder?

How much video can a flash memory card hold when using it with a flash memory camcorder? - my flash memory great card, reliable too

I think buying a camcorder with flash memory. I currently have a video camera, Digital8 tapes that works well uses, but I use to save a hockey tournament in place, you are saving it for 8 + hours. So, change my reason for wanting to be that the cameras flash memory is much easier to only about 6 ounces (about 2 pounds over my 8 digital). I know that you could lose some quality, but it's worth the weight. However, this raises a second question. The amount of space.

Since the tournament will be held in one day have no time to download the video to my computer to the same card / tape again reuse. I try to figure out, how many cards you buy. There are a number of references to the amount of video storage per gigabyte memory card store? I know my Digital8 video tapes 1 hours, but no guide that tells you how much video is on a concert from the 1st to have memory card (as to 4 GB or more of memory cards available, and I have no idea how , WilUntil l).

I do not want to record high-definition video standard.

Any help would be great.

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