Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scorpion Clips Monica Roccaforte Do You Think I Will Make The Squad?

Do you think i will make the squad? - scorpion clips monica roccaforte

Okay, thses things you can do


For complete --
Round Back Handspring --
Back Handspring data
"At the beginning of the new multiple shocks
-almost round the back of the abdomen Handspring


Partners tricks (one and two bases)
Heel stretch
/ Arabesque


Toe touch
-Herk (ok)
-Herdel (ok)
Hecht (ok)

Is split almost right, left and center

and here are some videos of the teams I try to quit smoking:
(the second is a look back at the years, random clips) ... ...

I'm so nervous about the exams and I wonder what you think. then ... Do you think it is?
(by the way, it will be a freshman)


Ashley H said...

You should make a team with everything, but the team on the video is also available with a level 5 who are backtucks fulls and, if impressed, and say that you work hard you fall, you should set

Contagis B said...

I believe that great opportunity, but I get the way that judges will bring in a certain way to collapse, if I were in a route that the judges speak shock, I mean the kind that has ever seen should be unique. And never underestimate what best suits Presser. bleive even in you, and you can reach high goals to .... Believin 'in my car, I have the heart of the time .. continue to do what you do = 0

JamieLeelove^^ :D said...

Yes U have a very good chance of makeing it!

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