Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ls Magazine Video Sets Why Do Iranians Try To Be Cool In Music Videos?

Why do Iranians try to be cool in music videos? - ls magazine video sets

I am an American currently living in Iran, and I realized that driving in the videos from Iran, most singers Lamborghini. They currently live here, I must say that I have seen a decent car here. The mega-rich Iranians, most of them do not have the quality mecedes (good), or a country Cruse Prado (the Arn't too big).
I think a Lamborghini in Tehran, but that's a maybe. Since the highest-paid player in Iran has only around 700,000 (source of the magazine "Youth", a popular English magazine in Iran), it seems that nobody has enough money to buy a Lamborghini.
I must say that the Lamborghini is exactly the same in every video, I think the situation is in Tehran. I am originally from Los Angeles and was in Hollywood, and even Lamborghini are rarely seen.
So, why the Iranian musicians believe that Lamborghini for floating all the senses, and believe that Iran is full of them?

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