Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Auctions In Fredericton Is A TOTAL Train Wreck And A Scam Website. Anyone Tried It And Got Refunded? is a TOTAL train wreck and a scam website. Anyone tried it and got refunded? - auctions in fredericton

I have used most if not all auction sites database, and I personally found some very profitable. However, these auction sites for cars and boats literally fraud derailment. You have to laugh, almost! I have now sucked in.

I realized that the second side with a front or on the homepage of a subsidiary to the first site, car is created with the auction! Therefore, the auction boat of this type of advertising, when in fact a place of their car auctions! And there is absolutely no surprise about boat repo auction.

Anyway, nobody in a position to be reimbursed for that particular site (s receiving)?

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