Sunday, November 8, 2009

Post Virus Fatigue Headaches, Dizziness And Some Type Of 'attack' - Can This Really Be Caused By Anxiety? Chronic Fatigue ?

Headaches, dizziness and some type of 'attack' - can this really be caused by anxiety? Chronic Fatigue ? - post virus fatigue

I've been sick since New Year. It started with a virus and all sorts of strange phenomena, like the feeling of cold water in my arms, tingling, sensitivity to light, feeling very ill. Then we went in the attacks: It feels as if the device is closed, your heart beats faster, breathing hard, like sleep, shivering and shaking lasted about 15 minutes after he too tired for hours. My latest symptoms are nausea and dizziness all the time. The Dr. has been tested, but none other than anxiety and possible chronic fatigue (post viral) on brain tumors, MS, etc., etc. The food is concerned I speak to an MRI, but only as I l I chose them - to reassure me. Can it really fear? It ruined my life - I have no social life, can not work or go to my normal acitivities that I feel very hurt and the fear of an attack. Can anyone help?

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Tyanna-D... said...

I'd mimic symptoms when I was pregnant with my case was considered weak. I also have low blood pressure so that it might better have your blood pressure. Ask your doctor.

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