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Play Structure Blue Prints How Do I Play Bass?

How do I play bass? - play structure blue prints

I play guitar for about six years. I messed around with the bass for a while, but has begun to take seriously a few weeks ago. I have very large hands and long fingers and strong, so I can play better than the amateur to normal. I know the theory behind the game (and root chord structures, scales, keys and colorful patterns, etc.) and have good control over the pace of the last game. But one thing I know how I go about this? Good habits should be the formation of principles and what to avoid bad habits? I always have four fingers on the handle to play each box with your finger (for example, the first place: 1st finger, 1st Field 2nd finger, 2nd fret, etc.) and almost despised the use of a van . I want to go into a little jazz, blues and R & B (I know it's blues, but nothing really ...), and rhythmic and groovy, but also fun and interesting. Although my roots are mostly on punk shit. Any tips? Songs? Tips?

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jontheco... said...

Do not anchor your right thumb on the body, the anchor on the channel (or 2 channels), then (literally, above), is being played.

In other words, if you play the D string, anchor with your thumb on the A or E string (or two, himself) between rest. If you play on the G string, anchor with your thumb on the D or A (or two as before). You can even have thumbs flat close to all the strings with the tip touched the nearest chain. I three types of anchors described inches.

I personally, because it holds the strings to vibrate erratically. And do not worry, of course, after I a while. In fact, my anchor my thumb, if the right of position changes on the ropes. I HATE ringing open strings.

Not only that, but if you do not always play thumbstyle or fingers crossed there will be willing to articulate.
************************************** ...

But do not fall into the habit of "thinking" as a guitarist. It MEANo, it's an insult, but most guitarists (also known as "good") is not much in the way of a support slot. Many guitar players only "secular" at the top and have a lot of tonal and rhythmic freedoms because of the bass and drums led to the creation of the song. It is super important in the groove of the drum first lock. All this is done while respecting the letter from the Foundation will receive notes of the song. To take in a bass freedoms here and there is much more important to be strong (even if it means repetition), too shrill.

Also, I know it sounds terrible to stupid but to beat the most important place for all the bass line is 1. To demonstrate this, run all the groovy bass line, you know. Now that holds the battery and they are currently divided into simpler parts until only the notes (short) taken after each measurement. Note that the groove is still there!

So, you said he had long fingers. One of the worst ways to limit the movement of the finger contact on the thumbto the upper neck. I do not know whether you or not, but always be sure that your thumb is behind the neck, is that the angles and the mechanisms behind the fingering on a much stronger position and finger movement.

I hope that helps!

The bass player of 14 years **** *****

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